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Get people talking about your business.

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Drive sales and boost your business.

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Bring your ideas to life.

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Strategy and planning.

Strategy and planning

Strategy sets the agenda for everything we do. By drawing from historical data and future trends, we are able to build strategies and plans across all mediums to address your business challenges.

Social media.

Social media

Full service account management and content marketing from our content specialists keeps your social pages engaging and growing.



It starts with the strategy and the big idea. What is your need, how can we use creativity and technology to address it.

From a logo or re-brand through to a workflow app, e-commerce solution or social engagement tool, we’ll make sure it’s looking right our creative team will make sure it’s looking right, first and foremost.

Analytics and performance media.

Analytics and performance media

Rather than buying spots or dots, we plan integrated media campaigns using advanced analytics to drive the best possible sales results.

SEM, social ads, display, retargeting, press, outdoor, TV, radio, events; we do the lot.

Web and app development.

Web and app development

We’ve invested heavily in building a full stack development solution in-house to build out websites, apps, web apps, games and business wide solutions that can boost productivity and profitability in your organisation from the day of implementation.

Talk to us about how your business could improve with some digital power.

Looking to embrace digital for your business?

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The team

Cooper Jitts

Cooper has worked in out of home media, cross-platform and digital publishing, and traditional advertising. 5 years in digital transformation projects lead him to TALK Agency, where he now runs the day to day business.
Cooper holds a Bachelor of Communications and works across strategy and planning.

Cooper Jitts


Olivia Chapman

Olivia is a creative at heart, having worked in agencies across Sydney, the Central Coast and Newcastle. She holds a Bachelor of Visual Communications and works across above and below the line campaigns for us.

Olivia Chapman

Art Director

Peterson Tubini

Peterson is both our full stack developer and lead on our search team.
Prior to working for TALK Agency, Peterson worked with Foxconn, and he has experience across most technologies in the digital space.

Peterson Tubini

Digital Lead

Candice Blackburn

Candice graduated from University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Communications - Media Production. She has worked across healthcare and not for profit, and now turns out quality content marketing solutions for all TALK Agency clients.

Candice Blackburn

Content Specialist

Steve Collins

Steve is both our client lead and operations lead. Previously Steve worked in senior publishing roles, and he's also a decent wordsmith to boot.

Steve Collins

Account Director

Vitor Delarco

Vitor works with our creative and digital teams to build full stack digital solutions for our clients. He is competent across all major code frameworks.

Vitor Delarco


Work with us

Ultra creative.

Ultra creative

It doesn't matter how many people see your campaign or site if they don't enjoy what they see. Our creatives work across a range of digital asset classes to build things that catch attention.

Data driven.

Data driven

We're highly analytical across all of our functions (not just SEO) so you can digest the results of your engagements with us with ease.



Account manager/copywriter? Art director/videographer? Fewer heads with more skills means you get the best of the best working on your business.

Always focused.

Always focused

TALK Agency delivers above and beyond, at all times. Six star client service is at the heart of what we do, so you can expect more from us.

Digital first.

Digital first

We love digital - it's delivering a great ROI and you can prove your ideas with results. That's why we've built a digital first team that focusses on the best way to bring your brand to life across apps, web, email, social, search and affiliate marketing.

Elastic development.

Elastic development

We're able to flex fast to large scale app developments and deployments thanks to our full stack development team.


What people say

Cooper and his team are truly a company that you can rely on to get the job done no matter what. They have always gone above and beyond for us with our design, printing and advertising needs and have also managed our social media channels with such creativity and professionalism. On various occasions Cooper has hand delivered print material to us in Sydney when we are working with tight deadlines and always sources the best value suppliers. I would highly recommend TALK agency to anyone looking for a one stop shop with excellent service.

Georgie O'Meara, Kore Property.

What people say

We have been TALK agency for the past 18 months on a variety of projects. Cooper and the team have assisted us in digital marketing, website development, app/program development and assistance with the relaunch of an existing product. At all times Cooper and the team have been willing to share their expertise often going above and beyond what is expected. Their ability to put technical issues into 'normal' language has greatly assisted my team to have a better understanding of the issues we face.

Each member of the TALK agency team brings a different area of expertise to the table and this no doubt is why such good results are achieved. I look forward to this relationship continuing and highly recommend their services.

Justin Dover, Chief Executive Officer Vietnam Veterans Keith Payne VC Hostel

What people say

From my first meeting with Talk Agency I had a feeling that they just got it, got me and what I was trying to achieve.

I worked closely with Talk Agency on the content of the site and customisation requirements that I needed for my business. There were many changes that I wanted some possible, some not possible but alternative solutions were determined by Talk Agency.  I have since used Talk Agency for my print material.

They excel in all of these areas individually, but for me personal working with such a group of creative and customer focused people across the whole spectrum of Branding, Website and Printing has created a beautiful brand that is cohesive and appears highly professional and visually beautiful.

I have and will continue to enjoy working with Talk Agency and build the success of my business with their support. Melissa Kite, Willow Tree Vintage


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